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Decreasing values indicates potential improvements over time,

when breeding with LowN Sires.

Progress depends on a farmer using a team whose MUN BV is

average of the LowN team for that year

This calculator is intended to provide an indication on the expected amount of urinary nitrogen excreted in urine from a herd and it does not replace professional advice. The calculation is an estimate of the total amount of nitrogen excreted in urine over an area and during a period of time and is dependent on the relationship between the concentration of milk urea and the amount of nitrogen excreted in urine being in the region of 7 grams UN per unit of MU. Farm system infrastructure including off-pasture housing and feeding platforms will also impact on the amount of urinary nitrogen excreted on to paddocks over a year.

CRV makes no representations, warranties or guarantees in respect of the accuracy of the calculator and accepts no responsibility or liability whatsoever for a user's actions taken as result of the calculation.

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